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Buyu Courses

An in-depth study of buyu’ and financial transactions through the famous Fiqh al-Buyu’ of Shaykh al Islam Mufti Taqi Uthmani. This book can be considered the conclusion of years and years of research by one of the leading experts on fiqh generally, and Islamic finance specifically.

Students will gain a deep understanding of the classical principles of buyu’ and have the opportunity to discuss their application in the current financial system.

This course commenced in Jan 2022, and is being relaunched to give students an opportunity to join the on-going class. The live lesson will commence from the laws of auctioning: ahkam al muzayadah.

Taught by: Shaykh Ibrahim ibn Muhammad
Day & time: Every Sunday, 8 pm – 9 pm (UK)
Duration: Weekly long-term course
Start date: 8th Jan 2023
Course will be taught online via Zoom
Fee: £15 / monthly – all registered students will be sent details on setting up monthly payment to confirm their registration to the course

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Fiqhul Buyu’ classes with Shaykh Ibrahim. They are exceptionally well detailed, well prepared and well structured. They somehow involve extensive discussion and yet are short enough to follow and revise regularly. For students that have studied Kitabul Buyu’ in the classical Fiqh books and are familiar with the rulings at a theoretical level, this course is perfect. Mufti Taqiyul Uthmani embarks on discussing some of the most challenging and complex contracts of our current times and breaking them down to demonstrate how the Fiqh understands the mechanics of what is happening, and then Shaykh Ibrahim delivers a brilliantly lucid and clear explanation of the discussion, and supplements it with the vast knowledge and experience he has himself acquired in this field. I would not feel my studies in Kitabul Buyu’ to be complete without this course.

– Suwayd Alsidiqu

I have been fortunate to have attended the Fiqh ul Buyoo’ course over the past year Alhmadulillah.

 I have had the oppurtunity to revisit old knowlege that i had on the masaa’il of Buyoo’ from traditional Hanafi fiqh kitabs and to re evaluate them within the current financial/ economic system. 

This course has given me the confidence and ability to take an integrated and wholistic  approach to Fiqh ul Buyoo’, something that i felt i was lacking in. 

Alhamdulillah, through simple and straightforward explanations and interactive and insightful discussions, Shaykh Ibrahim is able to engage the learner with contemporary Buyoo’ masaa’il and develop their understanding.

I would highly recommend this course to students and ‘ulama alike as the delivery of the course has been impeccable.

– Tahir M


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