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Matn al-Ajrumiyyah


Course Overview

The al-Ājurrūmīyyah course was delivered for post graduate students of the alimiyyah programme. This course covers the main discussions of Nahw at an intermediate level. It is an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to study Nahw at a deeper level and is also an excellent revision source for those students who want to brush up on their nahw.
In this course, you will complete the full book in a total of 12 pre-recorded sessions, 1 hour each insha’ Allah. This course is aimed at anyone who has studied at least one year of nahw.

Course duration: 12 pre-recorded sessions, 1 hour each

Fee: £20


To register for the course, click the above button. You will receive access to the course recordings and material within 48 hours from registration.

What students have to say…

“When undertaking a course in a subject-area in which one already has some prior exposure and experience, there is always the question of what value the course will add. The ‘Matn al-Ajrumiyyah Explained’ course, however, proved to be value-laden. Shaykh Ibrahim – may Allah bless and reward him – drew on his mastery of the subject-area to contextualise the study of Arabic grammar. I very much appreciated how the relevance of naḥw was highlighted through drawing links with other Islamic disciplines, demonstrating the impact of theoretical discussions in naḥw on aspects of fiqhtafsīr or even ʿaqīdah. As such, I definitely recommend students of Arabic and the Islamic sciences consider this course.”

– Abdullah (United Kingdom)