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About SeekersProvision

SeekersProvision is a project established by Shaykh Ibrahim ibn Muḥammad, sharing researched articles and teaching courses.

Biography of Shaykh Ibrahim ibn Muḥammad

Born in Leicester in 1986, Shaykh Ibrahim completed his Hifz and studied classical Arabic and Islamic law, and graduated as a Shariah scholar in 2008 from Jameah Uloom al Qur’an in Leicester and has taught various subjects in the ‘Alimiyyah programme. He has also delivered post-graduate and supplementary courses for ‘Alimiyyah students on subjects ranging from Quran translation, Tafsir, Fiqh, Hadith, Finance etc.

In 2016 he obtained an MA in Islamic Finance and Management from Newman University in Birmingham and has served as a Shariah advisor, in the UK and abroad, and regularly consults on matters of Islamic Family Law and Islamic Inheritance Law.

Shaykh Ibrahim has answered Fatawa for over a decade through DarulIftaa.com and authored and published Fath Rabb al-Mashriqayn Fi Bayan Qira’ati Tafsir al-Jalalayn discussing the Qira’at which is mentioned in Tafsir Jalalyn and Ulama have different views over, in the light of seven famous Qira’at (Qirat Sab’ah). He has also authored multiple articles available at www.seekersprovision.com

He currently resides in Leicester, UK and serves as a director of Lote Tree Shariah Consultancy. He is also a teacher of various traditional Islamic sciences and Director and researcher at seekersprovision.com.